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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My wonderful friend Lauri (hey Lauri!) chastised me today for not keeping up with my project 52. I have to be honest I’m pretty embarrassed that I let this happen…but it was too easy to stop. I found myself being stupidly shy and often choosing photographs I had happened to take of friends & family as opposed to purposefully going out to capture a portrait. There is a difference and it really bothered me that I was doing the former rather than the latter. I felt that it lacked sincerity and gumption.  
So…as per Lauri’s suggestion I am going to overload you with a bumper pack of portraits here to catch up for the last couple of months and thennnn get back to it. 










These portraits are some of my favourite from the past couple of months (and are, for the record, not exactly in order). Some of these faces have been featured already and some are new. I am looking forward to starting afresh for week 41! Only 11 weeks left of 2013…how did that happen so quickly?
Be warned pals…I will be coming for you with my camera soon!


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