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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

While in Portland we met with David of the Free Portrait Project. It was nice to meet someone who knew the area and with whom we shared a common interest. At the end of our first, rather eventful day, it was kind of nice to be meeting anyone. We wandered through the residential streets of Alberta looking for the perfect place to shoot. You can see some of those photographs on my post about Portland.

In exchange for the portrait David shot of my I also shot one of him. Actually I shot two. David’s project entails ‘One honest portrait, captured on film’ and he literally means, just one portrait. He only pressed the shutter twice, once for me and once for Richard. I took one photograph and then when he thought I was finished I took another. Sometimes this works and the second photo reveals a more honest, relaxed capture…but this time I wish I had followed David’s rules because the first photograph was the photograph.

I haven’t seen my portrait yet but keep an eye out on the project facebook page for our familiar faces :)

*We are now in week 35 and while it is clear that I have somewhat fallen off the portrait bandwagon, I hope to be able to share photos week by week again (if not every single week as I originally planned), and some retrospectively as well. 


  1. Really nice shot. I like the texture of the sun and shade with the grasses behind. Rich.

  2. Would have been nice to see the second one. this one looks cool to.


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