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Monday, July 8, 2013

^^^ this photo reminds of  We’re Going on a Bear Hunt so much ^^^ 

Emily is away climbing the Rocky Mountains or something else awesome in America and I miss her. Richard is away on scout camp in Galway and I miss him too…buuut I get to see him on Sunday and we’re going to Canada next Tuesday so it’s really not all that devastating. I haven’t seem Emily since before Romania and I won’t again until August. Boo. I can’t wait to kiss her little marshmallow cheeks (and his itchy scratchy ones) and tickle her chubby baby belly. Getting to hang out with her all August will be a sweet reward, I can hardly wait.

I can only hope that my some-day kids are half as cute as this little one because she has set the bar very, very high.

PS I might be biased but I think that boys who like babies are the best boys of all. I tested this theory out way back when we started going out and was delighted to discover that yes babies love Richard and Richard loves babies. 


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