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Friday, April 12, 2013

It is finally, finally, beginning to feel like spring. And I could not be happier.

Today the sun shone and the chill in the wind was a little less chilling and I walked all over town, up and down and around and about running fake errands like visiting galleries and donating blood and attending talks. Errands are my favourite…for example, this week I got stupidly excited about the post office, seriously—roll your eyes folks—I love the post office. I think if I could run a business in which I just posted nice stuff to nice people I would be the happiest being going. Can someone tell me how to do that please? Maybe we could start a club, I post you stuff, you post me stuff…that’s just a pen pal isn’t it? I’m so silly sometimes and Spring is definitely bringing out the silliness.

After all the running around my lovely boy collected me from college and we had a Wagamama speed date before he rushed down to Roundwood to camp for the weekend. Life is pretty sweet (not least because I get to hang out with my favourite little munchkin tomorrow morning!).

I hope the Spring is peeking through wherever you are and that this weekend treats you kindly. See you on Sunday for Project 52 (weeks 14 & 15!). xo

This week’s Illustration Friday post is a good ’un, Kate Moross!

PS I have a little question…I have been thinking of setting up a facebook for this silly little blog and I was wondering if you would like that? Would it be a good way of keeping track of posts as they go up? Orrr would it be another pain-in-the-ass thing to follow on the www? 


  1. lovely, lovely, lovely! and over this side of the world, autumn has well and truly arrived. One of the things I live most about the blogging world is seeing the opposite seasons .. xx

    1. It is so crazy to me that when Spring is creeping up here somewhere else Autumn is unfurling…this world is a funny old place! Thank you for visiting xo

  2. Totally agree, I love both Spring and errands so a combination is lovely. But when can we say goodbye to tights?! And yes to fb, it's a good idea x

  3. Spring. It never comes fast enough, and it always gone too soon.


Thank you for your thoughts and kind words of encouragement.

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