1 clio: 15/52 (and 14 too!)

15/52 (and 14 too!)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A portrait a week, every week, in 2013.

—Fiona & Nicole.

Being sick the second week of the Easter holidays and then Offset last weekend threw me for a loop and I never got a portrait posted last Sunday…but here I am, back on track with two for the price of one! It seems somewhat serendipitous too as I rarely mention Fiona without a quick ‘and Nicole!’ following or vice versa. 
These two lovely ladies sat opposite me for our second year of college and we became fast friends. They are funny, chatty and always upbeat. We still sit beside each other now and I value their advice and opinion about my work highly. In fact Nicole is pretty much my tutor this year. 
Fiona is a last minute kind of girl and she pretty much never sleeps…I have no idea how she survives. Nicole is so chilled out even when we’re coming up towards a deadline, she just knuckles down (eats loads of sweets!) and gets shit done without complaint. I am a steady worker and don’t like to leave things until the final hour so when we worked together on a college project this year I was, understandably, a little nervous. I need not have been worried though as the project couldn’t have gone better. Our different work methods meshed together and we all agreed that the final result was definitely better than anything we could have produced individually. 
These two girls have the sweetest hearts and I am so so glad we are friends. They are going inter-railing around Europe this summer and I am so excited for them, it is going to be such an adventure. 

PS Nicole has a tumblr, you should definitely go and have a peek. 


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