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light leaks

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sometimes light leaks are incredibly beautiful. Sometimes they are a pain in the ass.

And sometimes they are totally my own fault because I open the back of the camera when it suddenly stops working while you’re out shooting even though you have a dark bag at home because you are an impatient and silly silly fool.

Yeah, those times.

Thankfully these were the only photos affected and to be totally honest, I really love them. The burst of foggy orange and pink is striking and unexpected. I think I’ll take them, accept them for what they are and relish in their beauty…and also go and get my camera fixed because light leaks on faces or important photos can be a bummer.

What do you think? Do you ever get lightleaks that you love? (Or hate?!)

PS I’m back in college today after an incredible study trip to Lisbon…pictures soon! 


  1. oh, wow. i haven't had the chance to take any color film photos-- only black and white so far-- but i really want to so i can try to see what light leaks look like on my own work.. on purpose. i love how they look on lots of prints. scary concept, but they're wonderful, especially on your work! i love this entry.<3

    1. That’s the fun of film…experimentation. Though I usually never ever open my camera, I had a total mind blank that day!

  2. I love light leaks, as long as the subject is still visible. It's one of the many reasons why I love shooting film. These are all beautiful!

    1. Thanks Margrethe. Would you be interested in submitting some photos for my new ‘film & friends’ column? Your photos would be a beautiful addition xo

    2. Yes, wow, thanks for asking! :) I'll send over a couple of pictures, hehe.

    3. Amazing! Sorry I asked you here and on your own blog but I wasn't sure if you'd see it here (people don't often track back!). If you could include some words about why you shoot film too that would be fantastic. Thank you!

    4. I always love when I get pictures back and they have little unexpected light streaks in them. Adore!!
      xo TJ


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