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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Look at that face. How could you say no to that face?

On another note my brother and I decided to brew some  impromptu elderflower champagne AND elderflower cordial…because well, he found a ton of elderflower on a walk with that one up there earlier. So exciting! We ran to the shops and got TONS of sugar (it’s kind of gross when you see how much there is in the cordial but it does make three litres and you dilute it so it’s not so bad), a load of lemons and some citric acid from the pharmacy. We then went and bought a new bin to brew the champagne in (we didn’t have a big enough container), it’s kind of a weird and random thing to do but we can’t wait to taste it!
We are planning on having a big fundraising party to raise money for this cause that we are both leading teams in and the elderflower champagne will hopefully add something extra special to the event! So long as it’s as yum as we expect! 

Have any of you ever brewed beer at home? Richard is a biotechnologist…so this is right up his street, can’t wait to him to get home from work to show off our work! How about elderflower cordial? I’ve tasted the home made stuff before and it is deee-licious. You should give it a shot! x


  1. I hope it turns out well! My husband is a brewer and occasionally experiments at home. =) I'm so excited to have stumbled across your blog via a comment you left on Bleubird! Happy to have found a new blog to follow.


  2. Aw thanks so much for your comment kacie, I hope it works out too…my little bro is beyond excited about it!

  3. I'm just doing the backward peruse of your blog! It's lovely :)
    We (or really Jacob, I kind of just watch) are currently making beer and have just put some apple cider on. Normally Jacob and his friend make beer from scratch, boil the grain from mash in a pot so big I can fit in it with the lid on! and it's delicious. But his friend in overseas and the pot is in another town so it's just stuff from a tin. Still! It's so delicious and satisfying to make your own stuff!!



Thank you for your thoughts and kind words of encouragement.

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