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My name is Clíodhna.

I started this blog because I was finding college work boring and uninspiring. Having a little corner of the internet to call my own held me accountable to creating ‘work’ that I was interested in and proud of.

(Try not to go too far back into the archives…so many clichés & so much to cringe about!)

College has improved since then and I occasionally share some work from there too. I am studying for a degree in visual communications and I have no idea where that will lead me or where I will end up but that’s cool for the moment.

All photos on this blog are film scans, unless otherwise stated. I use a Canon AE-1, Canon Eos3 and Rolleiflex TLR most of the time, but occasionally I use a Holga, Russion Horizon Camera, Vivitar or whatever else is hanging around.

I do hope that you’ll follow along and enjoy my posts about photography, art and friendships, your comments really mean a lot to me.


PS If you have a question or want to chat more send me an email: meldonc at gmail dot com

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