1 clio: These are paintings. Seriously.

These are paintings. Seriously.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

When I first came across the work of Lee Price on the Illustration Friday blog I was blown away. I found it hard to believe that what was before me on screen were paintings and not photographs. The detail is impeccable and the brushstrokes are only visible if one looks very, very carefully.

Price’s work explores the complicated relationship between women and food. Working out of her own studio in Beacon, New York Price creates these incredible photo-realistic oil paintings that explore “food’s role as liberator, crutch, drug and nourishment.” 

Aren’t they simply stunning? 


  1. Wow. These are stunning. There is so much detailing here; they are hyper-realistic. Everything looks so completely natural, even the second photo. (I assume the subject of the painting is washing her hair?) Because that is completely what I look like if I take a bath and do the same thing. Thanks for sharing these. This is beautiful art. (And if I were to emotional eat, it'd totally be Oreos, haha.)


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