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Living at Home.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Tip #1

Keep your room clean. Having a sanctuary to call your own is of the utmost importance. Put art on the walls, rugs on the floor and keep your deodorant in a drawer, or failing that, neatly on your dresser.

The cleaning part is never really fun and I always get sidetracked by seven hundred layers of nostalgia and old photographs and love letters but that is all part of the process.

I wake more rested and fall asleep more calmly when the floor isn’t covered in seven layers of shit and I know that there are clean underwear, tights and t-shirts ready and waiting for morning. It’s the simple things, right?

It is likely that this will be my last season of living in my family home  and so I am documenting the ups and downs, frustrations and joys in this space as it all comes to a close. 


  1. I know that feeling. When I still lived at home with my mom, it was important for me to keep "my" space clean and organized. I felt, as you said, more refreshed. Even know, it's hard for me to focus if things aren't organized or put away.


Thank you for your thoughts and kind words of encouragement.

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