1 clio: I love to eat with you (at Mayfield)

I love to eat with you (at Mayfield)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

There is a serious lack of anywhere to eat breakfast in Dundrum if you want to avoid the shopping centre (which you really really do at the weekend, especially at this time of year) and even at that there isn’t really anywhere decent within the monstrosity itself. I have written about Airfield before and while our first experience wasn’t amazing I will definitely give it a second chance…but maybe for lunch, their vegetarian breakfast options weren’t exactly expansive. 

A couple of weeks ago Rich and I decided to run out for breakfast, we only had an hour and Mayfield is the first stop on the chain of amazing brunch options between my house and the city centre. He had breakfast pie (which was, evidently, delicious) and I had a cream cheese and smoked salmon bagel. It was nice but my bagel could have been a little warmer. I wish I’d had time to have a look around their little pop up shop but we had to dash. I’ll have to try and get back before it’s gone. Mayfield kind of feels like sitting in your granny’s living room, the chairs don’t match and there are plates on the wall and rugs on the floor. The wallpaper is incredible and the staff are friendly. 

Since this date we’ve been out to dinner once…this time of year is so busy that even though we see plenty of each other we’re not really spending any time together (unless watching Homeland behind my fingers next to him on the sofa counts?!). I am looking forward to taking a couple of days off of college work over the two week break and going for a hike, seeing a film and eating lots of good things with this guy. 


  1. My brother lives round the corner from this lovely place- in the summer the piano was being played in the garden and it had an excellent lunch...so much so I made him take me the next morning for brekkie! Lucky you being close to this cool joint.

  2. Where you ate sounds absolutely delicious and cozy. I love places like that. They're far less formal and much more ... comfortable. Homey in the best possible of ways. I hope that you have a wonderful break and are able to do a lot of what you wish to do. Happy Christmas, Clio! Have a wonderful, happy holiday!


Thank you for your thoughts and kind words of encouragement.

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