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Monday, October 21, 2013


Cathal is a first class joker, a messer and an all round lovely guy. (He also really hates having his photograph taken) I never know if he is serious or joking and I’ve learned that actually a lot of the ridiculous things he talks about he actually does do! Like running a marathon…I can never imagine Cathal running a marathon but, lo and behold, he has been plugging away running in circles around UCD for months now and is set to take on the challenge at the end of this month. He also erected a hollywood-type wooden sign in homage to his hometown of Clonskeagh as a temporary (not to mention possibly illegal?) work of art. He founded Chuddler Collective a couple of years ago and has been making sculptures with his brother and some other recurring characters for Electric Picnic since. He works his heart out and is refreshingly in love with his craft*.

*which is…painting? sculpture? making stuff? I dunno what those guys get up to over there in Fine Art but I know Cathal’s good at it!


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