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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A portrait a week, every week, in 2013.


Aoife and I are sisters. She lived for nine years before I was born, already going to school, playing with friends, making lunch and doing the washing up when I was just a baby.
We are, in short, like chalk and cheese. 

When I am lazy she is full of energy. When I am tired she is running or cycling or swimming or stretching. When I want chocolate she wants green juices. When she wants to shop I would rather sew or make something. She knows who’s celebrity is going out with who and what their babies are called and if I ever need some gossip she is the one to contact. We both like to bake but she likes to be a little more than creative with the ingredients and quantities. We both love yoga and I really love getting to do something together ‘just us’ each week. 

She is training for a triathlon and while I often give her grief for working too hard or ‘being totally mental’ I am rather envious of her strength, commitment and attitude to get the job done. I can’t imagine taking on a project of that scale at this time…but I know one day if I do she will cheer me on, just as I look forward to cheering her on in August. I took the above photograph just before Aoife embarked on a 40km cycle after a full day of work at the office. She might not look her most ‘glamorous’ in that sexy hi-vis jacket but she looks like my sister, happy and ready to go. 

I love Aoife —even though we drive each other crazy— and I can only hope that as we grow and marry and have children (hopefully not too far apart!) we will continue to live and work and argue and love side by side because no one knows us quite like we do, and no one ever will. 


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