1 clio: Today I am wishing it was Summer.

Today I am wishing it was Summer.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Yesterday it rained all day. It looks likely that today will be the same. I can’t help but feel a sweeping sense of claustrophobia on days like these. The blue sky has replaced by a dense blanket of grey cloud and the air feels strange and still, almost dead—but not in that dead-heat kind of way. I would definitely welcome that dead dry heat (that is only ever found abroad) today.

I find myself longing for days like the one pictured above—which for the record wasn’t even warm—where life was less timetabled. These pictures are from my half of the photoswap and were taken back in September before we returned to college and work and endless deadlines. At the moment there is a constant list of things to be completed each day which I am hopelessly falling behind on.

Only a few more weeks until Easter when I can immerse myself in whatever I like (plus two essays…but lets not talk about those for the moment) for two entire weeks. I need those weeks. 


Thank you for your thoughts and kind words of encouragement.

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