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Food for thought

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Richard and I argue about photography sometimes (like, you know, ten minutes ago). It’s weird and unnecessary but it always gets our backs up. He thinks that I think he’s a snob. I don’t, for the record.

The more time I spend taking photos and looking at blogs and researching and getting inspired the more I begin to realise that a photograph is a photograph is a photograph. It doesn’t matter how you take it. It doesn’t matter what you do it before, during or after (although I do definitely fall on the side of favouring pre-production rather than post). It is really about how it makes you feel, if it reaches inside of you and makes you warm and happy and nostalgic or if it—serious cliché imminent—takes your breath away or not. Lots of photos do that for me and I honestly don’t care what medium they were shot on. I would love a DSLR because I would really love to shoot video…and one day I will buy one. Right now I am glad and so so thankful for being introduced to film and all of the wonderful things it has taught me and the lovely people I have connected with through this medium.

Good photos are good photos and bad photos are bad photos.

All I want to do is improve, however and whatever way I can. 


  1. more and more people argue about what is better - film or digital, and i also think about it a lot, especially because i use film more and more.. but the truth is if you show me 50 photographs i wouldn't think about what they were shot with, i would just admire photos and think about what the story was

  2. I agree with you, I don't think film is better than digital but I do think that it captures how I personally see things better, I've never really taken to digital but not because I think its worse or inferior, but because I haven't liked the processes I've tried or the results as much in comparison. Also, I have a love/hate relationship with Photoshop after doing a design degree lol.

    I'm always amazed when photographers turn on each other due to equipment choices though, film or digital. Photography is about expressing yourself, and part of the fun is experimenting with different techniques, cameras, styles etc until you find yourself, and then as you said improving on it.

  3. Lol my boyfriend is picky with photos too, but he does shoot in way more interesting angles than me so sometimes I'm forced to lose the fight. And did you really shoot those photos in film? How on earth did you get the back to blur that way?

  4. First off, your blog looks wonderful. A very well-justified impulse buy, I'll say. It looks fantastic. Nice and clean, there is a lot of emphasis on your content now. Score. Anyway, thank you again for leaving a comment. I am so happy I discovered your blog (through Rhianne, I'm sure). I'm very new to the film world; I just purchased an LC-A a couple of weeks ago, and I have yet to explore my first roll of film. I do have a D-SLR, which is nice for its quickness. Also, I enjoy how ethereal some D-SLR images can be. I'm just not very experienced at it. But here, you're right--I love the feel of film. It's more intimate, for some reason. More emotive. It captures the FEELING of how something WAS, rather than the way something COULD be.

    1. That is the very reason I love to shoot film…the photographs I take on film almost always capture the feelings I want to remember, I look back on them and feel so much more than anything I could capture digitally…but maybe that just means I haven’t had enough practice with digital!


Thank you for your thoughts and kind words of encouragement.

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