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Lost and Found

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tomorrow myself and my boyfriend are taking the three little boys I babysit for to see Oliver Jeffers' book "Lost and Found"  on the big screen in the IFI! I'm so so so excited. Probably more excited than the kiddos themselves.

This is a page from the picture book.

And here's the cover in a funky language. (I thought it looked Spanish-ish)

My boyfriend bought me this book for Easter... I love it! It's so beautiful but also pretty sad. And how cute is the cover in French?
Next time I'm in France I will definitely be hunting that one down! I know I'm probably going to enjoy the film more than the little dudes, but hopefully they'll remember it someday and thank me!

update: I think they enjoyed it, they certainly enjoyed the trip on the Luas and the sweets afterwards! Personally I didn't get the funny narration in the film, it seemed a bit serious or something. The charm and beauty of the book was a little bit lost I thought...


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